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Shot in San Francisco during the  Lollapalooza tour 1991. Jane’s Addiction perform Jane Says.   Shot with a Sony Handi-Cam.

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In 2005 through the graciousness of the LAFD and all the firefighters at fire station 64 in South Los Angeles I was given amazing access to film the men and women, firefighters and paramedics, neighborhood characters and everything in-between in and around WATTS FIRE.  Over the course of four months  I shot over 100 hours of footage.  I rode out on every type of call.  I watched the firefighters maintain dignity and grace under the most difficult circumstances.  It was the most amazing work experience of my life.  This is a small reel I put together of that time. 

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Produced & Directed by Robert Sobul

Matjames and I met back in Ohio, at Antioch College. His mom taught printmaking; his stepdad taught painting and served as my adviser. About a year into our friendship, Matjames dropped out of school and split for New Orleans—something about a girl. There, he set about making a living as an artist. His reputation grew and people began collecting his work. He told me he remained in New Orleans because “it was my home.” When he evacuated after Katrina, we had been in touch through letters and phone calls, but hadn’t seen one another for more than five years. The storm spread our friends across the country, forcing them from their homes. Some ended up on the East Coast, some on the West. Some landed in jail and some died. Matjames spent eight days trying to get out of New Orleans with his two dogs, eventually ending up in Los Angeles, where he works as an artist. 

—Hank Cherry, writer

This is part of his story…

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A film in a series made for Jake Owen. We go Behind The Scenes to watch as he mounts his first ever headlining tour. 

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Made as part of a shot documentry series for the Independent Film Channel program Uploaded. The film is about the artist Dario Suarez.

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A short film for the IFC about director Scott Prendergast and his film Kabluey.

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